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MMB-Click Mode:

Designed to focus the camera and view rotation center precisely on the point on any object under cursor. Two view change methods are available: Pan (default, moves the camera and target) and LookAround (rotates and adjusts target distance, camera stays in place). Opposite mode will be used when Shift+MMB-Clicking. Please note, this functionality can be used while other Rhino command is running allowing to quickly re-focus the view anytime. This also allows to conveniently scrollwheel zoom instantly after refocusing, without running into a problem of zoom “getting stuck” due to camera-target distance issue. Using this mode makes navigating any model very quick and intuitive.

Note: locked objects will not be detected by MMB-Click


MMB-Hold Mode:

Sparrow enters this mode when MMB is pressed and held (default time is 0.2 s) or when cursor moves while MMB is down. Once in this mode, a dot object marking the pivot point is displayed and will be used as a focus point of any view manipulations. Sparrow will stay in this mode until MMB is released.

Available actions in this mode: 

Spin around pivot (default when moving the mouse)

LookAround (with Shift down)

Pan (with Space down)

ZoomPivot (with Ctrl down) - change lens length and target position to keep pivot point in exact same spot in the viewport
ZoomTarget (with Ctrl + Space down) - standard ZoomLens

DollyZoomPivot (with Ctrl+Shift down). unlike Rhino’s standard DollyZoom, Sparrow’s DollyZoom pays attention to the pivot placement and will adjust the lens and camera position accordingly, making use of this zoom type much more intuitive and productive

Lens Length DollyZoom Toggle (press [1]) - keeping pivot point in place, toggles lens 15mm-80mm or sets to 800mm when [Shift+1] is pressed

Two Point Perspective Toggle (press [2])

Gumball Toggle (press [g])

NamedViews Popup (press [n]) 

Restore Title View (press [t] ) - restores named view corresponding with the current view title

Lock (press [~]) - locks the pivot and Sparrow MMB Hold mode will remain active even when MMB is released. To unlock, press [~] again. MMB press can also be used to unlock.
Precision Mode (hold [ENTER]) - reduces any viewport navigation speed to 10% for more precise view navigation

Two Point Perspective note : unlike default Rhino's current limited behavior, Sparrow works well with this camera projection mode. When toggling between standard and two point perspective, the camera stays in place; zoomlens works with real target at the center of the viewport; it is also possible to look around in all directions, and not only left and right. That makes Sparrow quite useful when working with views in this projection mode and allows to overcome current Rhino limitations. 


Key Combos + MMB Click : 

A set of available key combinations that while pressed before MMB-Click will serve as shortcuts for user-defined or Sparrow built-in functions.

Fully customizable, with presets listed below:

Default keyboard shortcuts with MMB-Click:

[ Ctrl- Ctrl+Shift SubObject Selection Toggle

[ Shift ] - MMB Click opposite action (LookAround if Pan is default, Pan if Lookaround default)

[ Alt ] - Restore Title View - restores any named view matching current viewport title. 

[ Ctrl + Shift ] - Selection Highlight Toggle - controls visibility of selection highlight in current display mode.
[ Ctrl + Alt ] - Maximize Viewport Toggle

[ Shift + Alt ] - DISABLED

[ Ctrl + Shift + Alt ] - Fullscreen Toggle (visible elements can be customized and remembered)

[ Tab ] - DISABLED

Special shortcuts:

[ MMB LongPress ] - Gumball Toggle. Executed when in MMB Hold mode and MMB is released in place, without any cursor movement

[ MMB + RMB ] - DISABLED. Executed when in MMB Hold mode and RMB is quickly clicked and released in place.


                                                                                                          version 1.01

Sparrow is a Rhino 3D plugin delivering productivity boost by enhancing middle mouse button functionality
and making 3D views manipulation more intuitive. It works standalone or inside other commands.

For any user modeling a lot in Rhino, especially directly in perspective views,

Sparrow's instant camera focus will be a major productivity improvement.

Main enhancement modes:

  • [ MMB Click ] : instantly focus the view on the specific area of the object under cursor

  • [ MMB Hold ] : intuitive view manipulation based on point under cursor (pivot)

  • [ Key Combos + MMB Click ] : customizable macro or Sparrow-specific function assignments for quick access with Ctrl, Alt, Shift and other key combinations

Rhino 6 SR14 or later (Windows version only) is required to run Sparrow. 

DOWNLOAD and  run the plugin installer. Once ready, "Sparrow_Settings" command becomes available.

Run it and enable Sparrow from the top of the popup menu - it will take over the control of MMB functions.

Sparrow Settings toolbar button will be installed as well.

TRIAL version is fully functional, but limited to 30 MMB-clicks per Rhino session.
UNLIMITED  version license can be purchased for


SPARROW_SETTINGS command popup menu: 

Sparrow is ENABLED / DISABLED - once installed, enable Sparrow using this option. Original Rhino MMB-settings will be backed up and Sparrow functionality will be assigned to MMB. Disable to restore original Rhino settings anytime.


Camera Action - MOVE or LOOKAROUND; determines how the view is adjusted when refocusing the view. Move will move both camera and target, LookAround keeps the camera in place while target rotates and adjusts its distance to the point on object under cursor. In each setting opposite action can be invoked with a key combo [ Shift + MMB is default ]

Move Cursor - when enabled (default) the cursor moves to the view center along with the target
Transition Steps - number of animated transition steps for view adjustment

Osnap Disable - when ON, Sparrow will disable Osnap during the view transition. This is helpful when running Sparrow inside a command like _Line etc. that tries to snap to objects during animated view transition. Disabled by default.


Primary Action - ROTATE or PAN/LOOKAROUND - determines view manipulation action with no modifier keys pressed, just on mouse movement. The other manipulations will require Shift or Spacebar pressed.
[ Space ] - PAN or LOOKAROUND - defines which view action is assigned to Space key. A secondary / less used mode

Primary Zoom Mode - PIVOT or TARGET; When Zooming (LensZoom) with CTRL down, this setting defines if the zoom center would be the pivot or typical view target. The opposite action will work with Space pressed. 

LMB Mode - determines the functionality of holding down LMB : 3 x Speed would speed up the navigation actions, vs. Act as Shift would replicate Shift-down behavior with LMB.

LongPress Delay - time interval for MMB-down needed to enter the MMB-Hold mode

Speed Multiplier - global Sparrow view navigation actions speed factor

Cursor AutoReturn - when enabled, the cursor will return to pivot point when becoming static after any view manipulation

ScrollWheel Zoom - if set to DISABLED, the ScrollWheel Zoom functionality will be blocked in Sparrow’s navigation mode. This setting helps if working with mouse that has very sensitive scroll wheel, to avoid accidental view changes on pressing/holding MMB.
Pivot Settings - set the size and colors of the pivot marker dot


KEY+MMB COMBOS: allows to assign custom macros or built-in Sparrow functions to various key combinations with MMB. See the defaults above for short description of the built-in functions.



About Sparrow - plugin basic info
Help Website - link to the most current Sparrow online documentation and download on DIG.Tools site
License Request - if in TRIAL mode, use this option after purchasing Sparrow license to generate license request file

License Import - import received license file to enable Unlimited mode

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