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Design Illustrations

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality, technically advanced and detailed illustrations to vividly communicate concepts and designs for architects, designers, developers, and marketing and branding agencies. At DIG, we remain inspired by the traditional art of architectural illustration while taking advantage of state-of-the-art computer tools.
We also offer architectural photography services for photomontage illustrations and can provide short computer-rendered fly-through animations and diagrams for design presentations.

Concept Design and Design Process Support

DIG’s design background runs deep and covers a broad range of specializations. This depth and diversity means we see ourselves as engaged participants in all phases of project design and presentation. We collaborate with the design teams to develop and model the design concept, add details, study and analyze design options, and advance the final design for regular or fast-track projects and competitions.

Parametric Design and Custom Software Tools Development

We offer sophisticated support services, including parametric design, advanced geometry modeling and form-finding, building enclosure and pattern design as well as custom RhinoScripts or Grasshopper definitions for project-specific needs. See sample custom script tools here or their use results at  DIG.Tools Gallery.

Marketing Materials

DIG provides graphic design services for logos, brochures, flyers, and project data sheets using our illustrations, photographs, diagrams, rendered plans, elevations, sections and stock images.

Rhinoceros 3D Software Training

As one of the Robert McNeel & Associates Authorized Rhino Trainers, DIG offers Rhino3D training classes customized based on our clients’ needs, focus, and level of expertise.
For training inquiries contact us at

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